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Rolfing services is for healthy individuals who support and practice the CDC guidelines to lower the risk of viral transmission.

Clients are asked to present their vaccination card and photo ID such as a driver's license or passport upon making an appointment. 



Clients and practitioner will each wear a mask

during the session.

The office is sanitized before and after each session to ensure our safety.






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What are your goals?

What has worked for you in the past?

The more I learn about you the better

I can serve you to be the best you can,

to regain the freedom from pain and

loss of range of motion, with better

posture and supportive movement.


See SERVICES below

Rolfing is a systematic approach to improving

human structure and well-being.




New Alignment

Freedom of Movement

More Adaptability

Renewed Sense of Self

    Embodiment:  Touch and Intention


The right touch and selection of the right location of the body to work on are perhaps the most important experience for effective bodywork.  Moreover, it should not be painful.  Gentle pressure even with deep work is always preferred to achieve the best results.  The angle of entry, pressure, and the intention behind the touch make a important difference to the right result and the client’s comfort.  My touch is negotiated with the client, often inquiring how it is experienced leaving room for any changes to match the client’s comfort and curiosity. 

Rolfing is a manual therapy to address the body’s capacity for Structural Integration.  I am a Certified Rolfer (2000), from the Rolf Institute www.rolf.org of Boulder, Colorado.  Rolfers are not licensed but are certified by the Rolf Institute.

I hold advanced degrees in Medical Science and Anatomy. 

Rolfing improves joint and soft tissue functioning while sitting, standing, and moving.  Rolfers are trained to not only release the myo-fascial tension in one location of the body but to integrate those changes with other, distant but related areas that may be keeping the pattern of dysfunction in place.  This work is not about deep tissue release commonly offered in massage/sports settings.  Additional methods may be offered such as cupping, specific tissue releases, stretching, exercises, meditation, breathing, and home or office furniture/car ergonomic analysis.






"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


   Rolfing is the basis of my work in transforming the body.  It is a form of hands-on manipulation and movement education developed by Ida P. Rolf over 50 years ago. 


This work focuses on the body's connective tissue or fascia to release, realign and balance the whole body for greater mobility, stability and adaptability.  The man and woman above demonstrate the before/after side views of a series of Rolfing sessions:  improved posture which translates to pain relief, and greater movement capacity. 


   Release of the fascia in key places of the body can provide a new experience of one's body, where new movement is perceived without pain and limitation.  This is the 'golden' moment for Rolfing clients:  a body becomes renewed under the 'pull' of gravity. 

    Stress is removed from the nervous system, opening the fascia, and creating more fluid circulation and flow of energy through the tissues of the body.


   Use the Rolfing trade-marked, specialized training and Range of Motion and/or Biomechanic Assessments instruct me which areas of the body are to be released.   I may also engage multiple approaches at the local or micro-level:  Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming, Myofascial Release, Sports Cupping, Crainal-Sacral Balancing, and passive stretching. 

    My work is to de-stress the body at the nervous system by interrupting habitual unconscious mental and emotional patterns, opening the fascia, creating more fluid circulation and flow of energy through the tissues of the body.


   This release work is essential to start the process yet Movement exercises (Rolf Movement and BLISSWork) are used to re-direct the awareness of habitual patterns while strengthening the weaker aspects of the body essential to rebuilding permanent balance.






Structural Integration Sessions



My goal is to enhance posture, create lasting freedom in mobility and expression.  The work often brings dramatic results, including:

  • injury recovery, repetitive motion

  • pain reduction, including back pain

  • increased flexibility

  • stress relief

  • headache relief, including TMJ

  • postural awareness

  • cranial-sacral balancing

  • better balance and ease

  • somatic awareness

  • trauma releases

Session may include

  • Myofascial Releaser Tool

  • LED, Laser

  • Infra-Red Heat

  • Franklin Balls

  • Rollers

  • Exercises

  • Sports Cupping

  • Stretching, Strengthening Exercises




         Rolfing I *   Regular     75 min   $ 165

Session includes 1-2 body areas + movement

    Rolfing II    Extended   90 min  $ 195

Session includes 2-3 body areas + movement       

    Rolfing III  Super Extended 105 min  $ 225

Session includes 3-4 body areas + movement



Discounts are offered for multiple sessions with credit given for past sessions or sessions can be paid up-front, or in any combination.  Please inquire for more details.







for Tension and Pain Relief

   Positioning for maximum comfort to engage in specific coordinated breathing exercises can release the most inner-most tension patterns where touch and instruments can not reach. 


   Effective for neck, back, shoulder and pelvic girdles as well as generalized patterns of holding stress, shallow breathing, moods, and emotional tension or worry. 

   Participants are asked to bring their favorite pillow(s) to support their bodies.  Specific breathing exercises are carefully instructed to each individual and only for the entire group once all have achieved a deep sense of the practice. 

Participants are requested to lay on mats or other comfortable surfaces, using balls or pillows to best support their head, arms and legs.  Layered clothing is highly recommended.

   Breathing exercises can be done at home or during travel.  Experienced students find that 10-15 minutes of specific breathing exercises can restore their bodies, often with profound sense of well-being and elevated moods.

Private Session    45 minutes    $ 100

Small Group Sessions Available





   Body Lengthening, Stretching, and Strengthening exercises are an integral part of re-educating and promoting new core, neuromuscular patterning.  Specific exercises engage our deeper core tissues to enhance body movement and integration.  I am a certified BLISSWork practitioner, training with Juawayne Kettler, a student of Callanetics in 1990's. 


Examples are: 

  • Backs can lengthen and strengthen while core pelvic areas are deeply engaged building the foundations for ease and greater freedom of movement. 


  • Core and thighs are positioned to move in new dimensions without the quads or hamstrings dominating the movement allowing for more dynamic and stronger limbs.


  • Arm movements engage shoulders for greater glide and strength across the ribs, strengthening mid and upper backs for better posture.

Private Session     45-60 min  $  100



About Our Bodies - About Our Self
 Achieving Personal Congruence

    We have gone through much conditioning that can make us feel unworthy.  Self-esteem comes from our sense of self yet this is the least supportive aspect of our culture.  We may have adopted a myriad of external validations that confuse our true sense of self and bind us in a hypnosis. 


   We can start with listening to what we say about our bodies and reflect the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.  Our gentle inquiry offers us a chance to accept ourselves without complaint, without the state of self-rejection.  We can begin a process of inquiry to self-acceptance, to see what areas of our lives we can take full responsibility for, to know we can choose not to include guilt or shame in our lives. 


   We can then begin to feel the importance of aligning our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in support of our truer identity.  Through the inquiry of our bodies, we can un-bond ourselves from our past wounds to experience a new felt sense of our truer self. 

Private Sessions 45 minutes  $100

Small Group Sessions Available


Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat




rolfing 3 women side views.jpg




From Cindy, age 52, who sustained a fall


"I fell 4 feet from a 6 foot fence, landing on my foot/ankle, twisting my leg to land again on my right knee and hip. I ripped the meniscus in my knee. After knee surgery and Physical Therapy, the lower leg/foot/ankle was very stiff and I did not get the range of motion had before the injury. Over the year following, I sprained my ankle several times owing to the lack of mobility of the entire leg. I took cortisone shorts for leg nerve pain which helped a little but the entire leg and foot never recovered. It was not until I had two sessions with you did I experience significant lasting pain relief. This encouraged me to return for more sessions to improve the mobility to the entire leg and hip. I am so thankful that I found you and appreciate the thoroughness and dedication you give to your Rolfing bodywork. My injury is well past me and I am able to return to walking. Thanks so much."

Cindy S.

From Henry, age 72, with back, hip, leg pain

"I had been enduring increasing back and leg pain from 3 herniated disks and spinal stenosis for over twenty years. I was introduced to a Rolfer, Kate Spaulding, who started me on a 10 session body integration series. Even after the first session I experienced immediate relief. After a few more sessions I could walk, dance, and exercise with much more comfort and ease than I've had in years. Kate seems very experienced to make such a change in my body--she's brought extraordinary relief and well being so that now I can take better care of myself. Seeing her for a tune-up once  a year has helped me avoid surgery. Her Rolfing is incredible!"

F. Henry Arm



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Kate Spaulding, MSc,  Medical Science, Specialty in Anatomy

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